It begins with the land…


Dan Paulson, Co-Developer

Cedar Valley Ridge is a special property in northern Michigan. I first saw this land in 1994. It wasn’t for sale, but I had heard that the owner was thinking about selling it. I came out to the property in the middle of the winter, hiked around on it a bit, and simply fell in love with the land. I knocked on the owner’s door and told him I wanted to buy it, gave him a check, and told him to keep it as my commitment to buy the property.
We didn’t sign anything, we just agreed to get to know each other and let a deal grow out of our friendship. Over the next few years that in fact did happen, and he lived there with his wife until he died.
I’ve never regretted that impulsive decision.

Susan Sherman, Co-Developer

My husband and I share a history of community building. We met and lived in an intentional, close-knit community in the early 1970s. From that early experience, we began to dream to both preserve and protect this uniquely northern Michigan property and envisioned a neighborhood community where people could live in harmony with nature and enjoy a peaceful, active lifestyle.

Cedar Valley Ridge Today…

Respect for the land guided our every decision, and our vision has become a reality. Residents have embraced our vision and moved it forward in ways we alone could never have imagined. People have built their dream homes and hold a deep appreciation for the land itself. A warm, friendly, active, engaged community has emerged. Cedar Valley Ridge has become a place where residents can work, play, and thrive as they live their lives nestled in the beauty of nature.

When you purchase a lot in Cedar Valley Ridge you become a co-owner of over 130 acres of private common area that spans over 70% of the development. 

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